Caught Me On The Couch

Anna De Ville

Anna De Ville is a naughty little sugar baby, she spent all day at the mall picking out cute outfits and blew through her allowance. She returns home to find her sugar Daddy lounging on the couch in the middle of the afternoon [it’s nice to be rich] and decides to put on a little show and tell to earn some more affection, attention, and allowance from him. The sexy slim ginger starts by showing off all of her latest purchases, cute bras, panties, and lingerie that immediately get his imagination running. Anna may be a spoiled teenager but she absolutely knows how to get a man’s blood pumping.

After the show and tell she straddles his lap, feeling his tight jeans, and puts on her best pouty routine to get his motor running. It’s not long til he’s stripping her out of her clothes, sucking on her nipples, and putting Anna on her knees to get his thick cock nice and wet with her spit. With both hands in her hair he face fucks his innocent little sugar slut until they’re both moaning and ready for more. Stripped down to her nude lingerie, our little coquette is ready to earn her next round of shopping.

Rather than start in the missionary position, Anna De Ville hops to her knees on the daybed and her Daddy pounds her doggy style to start. His thick cock pumping in and out of her soaked pussy, almost fully shaved except for the tiniest little landing strip. After she cums hard on his dick, they switch to side doggy style for a more relaxed position. After regaining her composure, our little sugar baby Anna rides his dick reverse cowgirl, her moaning is so loud the neighbors are probably readying a complaint. Finally, filled with lust, her sugar Daddy lays her on her back, putting her legs behind her head, and fucks her achingly tight pussy until he blows his load all over her stomach. Not one to let anything go to waste, Anna gets back on her knees and sucks the last bit of sperm out of his cock before giggling and grabbing his credit card for another mall expedition.

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